Healthcare Solutions

Products for Delivery, Disinfection and Assistance

Techmetics robots are designed to transport and deliver lab samples, medication, hospital supplies in a secured manner while enabling the staff to focus on caring. Our all-new Techi UV disinfection robot is created to fight against bacteria and Viruses. Techmetics will help you find the right robots for your medical and pharmaceutical needs ensuring to better healthcare without sacrificing the accuracy and quality of your work.


Medication Delivery

No more forgetting medications or running around. Techi Medics helps hospital staff with meals, medications and supplies delivery, making sure patients get the best care possible and nurses have better job satisfaction.

Hospital Disinfection

Our UV robots are designed to disinfect premises killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces by breaking down the DNA structure – both airborne and droplet. The product destroys the pathogens in minutes and disinfects 360°

Laboratory Samples Delivery

Techi Medics can move around specimens while ensuring safety and security. This makes the traditional tube systems in hospitals obsolete and maintenance-free.

Linen Delivery

No more going out to give linen supplies. Techi Linen cart will make sure of scheduled and on-demand linen deliveries with its autonomous navigation and automatic cart engagement system.

Meal Delivery

Never have a patient waiting for a meal. Techi Food cart provides efficient and automated deliveries for patients no matter which floor they’re on. With integrated elevator support and multipoint delivery, patients will never have to wait.

Waste disposal

Waste removal is an important task, especially in hospitals. Techi Trash carts, without any assistance, will automatically take and empty dumpsters. No need to manually handle the trash can again.


Fully autonomous vehicles

Superior Fleet Management system for Multiple Robots


10 various robot solutions options

Patented Liftbot elevator interface technology


Multi-point secured delivery robots

Payload selection from 100 lbs to 550 lbs

Tablet/computer based superior user interface software

Product supports multiple 3rd party interfaces

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