Logistics Solutions

Products for secured Delivery and High-Payload applications

Robots have maximized the time efficiency by taking your items off the shelves and delivering them where needed. They are a must-have for logistics firms for safe and quick delivery of items. At Techmetics, we make sure that your products are shipped at blazing speeds without any harm to the quality.


High-Payload Applications (Customizable)

Techmetics offers Max series robots in robot base and robot cart variants to customize the product for your high payload application needs. Max series handles up to 550 LBS and customized for variety of application needs.

Goods delivery

Techi cart will keep shuttling your stock, so you never miss customer demands. Our robots will automatically pick up any items from cart, thereby enabling staff to focus more productive tasks.


Fully autonomous vehicles

Superior Fleet Management system for Multiple Robots


10 various robot solutions options

Patented Liftbot elevator interface technology


Multi-point secured delivery robots

Payload selection from 100 lbs to 550 lbs

Tablet/computer based superior user interface software

Product supports multiple 3rd party interfaces

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