Hospitality Solutions

Products for Delivery, Disinfection and Assistance

We are reshaping the hospitality industry to become cost-effective, efficient, and more accurate with our fleet of hospitality solutions. Give your customers a never-forgetting experience with 24/7 service, even without the staff available. Achieve better response times with easy transport and quick deliveries. Our all-new Techi UV robot is designed to disinfect your facility free from bacteria and viruses.


Guests Engagement

Make use of Techi Concierge to interact with guests to give them a never-forgetting experience. It is designed to help with routine queries and respond with guided instructions to simple tasks. Not just assistance, Techi Concierge also suitable for advertising, monitoring facility, selling tickets, issuing coupons and much more.

Food and Amenities Delivery

Techi Butler is your one-stop solution to deliver room service to your guests. With our multipoint delivery butlers, you can send food and drinks to several rooms at one go. Also, our butlers can be used to offer drinks and meals in lounges and reception.

Linen Delivery

Techi Linen cart will keep shuttling your stock, so you never miss customer demands. Our robots will automatically pick up items like linens and towels, thereby enabling staff to focus on more productive tasks.


Techi UV robots are designed to disinfect premises killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces by breaking down the DNA structure – both airborne and droplet. The product destroys the pathogens in minutes and disinfects 360°


Fully autonomous vehicles

Superior Fleet Management system for Multiple Robots


10 various robot solutions options

Patented Liftbot elevator interface technology


Multi-point secured delivery robots

Payload selection from 100 lbs to 550 lbs

Tablet/computer based superior user interface software

Product supports multiple 3rd party interfaces

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