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Techmetics Techi Yotel robot review by Global Fashion Gal Brianna Degaston

Techi Yotel robot review

Awesome Robot Droid at Yotel Singapore

Fancy a robot valet or droid come up to your room to deliver towels or water you requested? This is one of the coolest things we have ever seen at a hotel.

Techi Robot Butler will assist guests residents

Techi Room service robot at YotelPad, Miami, USA

Service robot for Hotels and Hospitals

World’s First autonomous navigation service robot for Hospitality and Healthcare needs.

Money Talks: Singapore to revolutionise hotels with robots

Singapore is laying out a plan to revolutionize its hotel industry. Part of it will be to use technology to streamline operations and make hotels more efficient. TRT World’s Melanie Ralph takes a look at one hotel that’s using robots. Interview with Erman Tan, President of Singapore Human Resources Institute.

Techmetics Techi Robot featured in National Geographic – Machine Impossible

Recently Techmetics Techi hotel room service robot was featured in National Geographic Channel. This video explains full product flow

Techmetics Room service robot – Techi Multipoint delivery robot

Techmetics Techi Butler room service robot for hotels, hospitals, and high rise buildings. The robot can deliver food/amenities in any multi-story buildings by taking an elevator. The robot will call the mobile/phone upon reaching door step.

Techi – Restaurant service Robot

Techi is the world’s first service robot for F&B and Hotels. This service robot will serve hotel and restaurants’ guests.

Techi Medic Robot in Hospital

Techi Medic robot doing Pharmacy delivery (Delivery of medicine form Pharmacy to wards) by taking elevator.

Techi series of robots

7 various models for your service needs.

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